Feeling stuck, disillusioned, trapped, and unmotivated? Discover the REAL problem holding you back from the freedom you desire, the health and fitness you need, and the vision that - right now - is only a dream. 

Breakthrough new guide reveals the 4 simple frameworks for modern men to take back autonomy and power over their destiny and live without regrets 

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For Men, sick of living the "scripted" life...

You are about to uncover the only system you need to step into your power as a man of modern masculinity.

Inside this $1 Book you will come across ancient secrets known by the greatest men in history... 

Secrets to unlocking the infinite energy within you...

To put motivation on autopilot, and move through life as a lion, not a lamb...

You will receive the tactics and strategies I've used for years to refurbish bodies, align posture, and turbo-charge metabolisms...

You'll no longer need to guess at what to eat, when to eat, and how much...

And the feeling you have deep inside - the feeling that something's missing - you know the one I'm talking about....

The anger and disillusion that the world has got your back... It doesn't, you're right... 

But this $1 ebook will show you how to make yourself and step outside convention - off the beaten path, onto a path all your own

No stone left unturned…

So if you’re ready to fulfill your mission, brother,

Then here is some of what you are about to discover:
  • The number one easiest thing you can implement NOW to dramatically improve your health and weight goals - it takes no prep, no sacrifices, no restrictions, and no time or money investment
  • How to get your body in tune with the rhythms that directly effect you every day 
  • ​Why the popular method of working out (lift some weights in a typical bodybuilder split schedule) is the wrong way to train for most guys
  • ​How to use one simple system called 3D MAPS to assess and track your progress with your mobility, stability, and movement pattern efficiency 
  • The ideal schedule for beginner-intermediate trainees in terms of workout frequency, duration, and volume over a six-month period 
  • ​The most overlooked and under-appreciated human function that will dramatically change your mental, emotional, and physical state in a matter of minutes
  • How to use the breath to control your nervous system and regulate your stress response 
  • ​Why you need to become aware of your breath and fix your dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • ​That your heart is much more than just a pump 
  • How to entrain the brain-wave frequencies with your heart frequencies 
  • ​What heart intelligence is, and how to tap into this powerful “little brain” 
  • ​What speaking your truth really means, and how to discover what your truth is
  • ​Why you need to speak your truth, and the right way to do it 
  • What it means to have a vision, and how to uncover your vision through dream work 
  • Why you’ll never be able to discover your purpose unless you are willing to dig deep 
  • ​How to navigate the darkness of the unknown on your Soul Journey 
  • ​The tactics and techniques to rediscover your Soul’s purpose and Life’s task

From chronic pain and anxiety to mental clarity and resilience! 


 What People are saying on Video...
 What People are saying on Video...



As You Can See...
The Bifröst Odyssey has helped many men achieve powerful results in their lives and step into authentic masculinity and discover their individual truth they are meant to share with the world. 
So The Question Is... 

Are YOU Next?

Now... You're probably wondering why I'd give away so much value for $1 like this...

So I want to be totally upfront with you

  • The Bifröst Odyssey Quick Start Guide is an introduction to my best work... The hard fought teachings put forth in this book completely transformed my life... I went from a washed-out, broken down, addicted, emasculated lost boy... To stepping on podiums in powerlifting, sober,  and coaching groups of men and entrepreneurs across the world... If it wasn't for the knowledge that I'm about to share with you, I'd be a shadow of the man I am today... Brother, if you too are on the inspired path, then this book is for YOU! It is my life’s purpose to support you on the journey to becoming the modern, mature, masculine man you were born to be. Period.
  • You MAY become a continued Customer or Client one day... Giving away value-stacked low-end intro offers like this has completely transformed my own business... My best clients continually come from giving my best stuff away. Thus, I know you may love this so much, that there's a high probability you could become a High Value Client one day... I'm paying it forward.
  • Finally, my greatest vision for the Bifröst Academy is to build a tribe of like-minded, mature men of authentic masculinity - the kind of men the world needs now more than ever...

I'm looking forward to hearing your story once you apply the lessons in this book.



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